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Water Resources Association of Yolo County

The Water Resources Association of Yolo County (WRA)  was formed in 1993 as a nonprofit mutual-benefit corporation with the specific purposes to (a) support the efforts of its members to obtain, protect, and maintain a high quality water supply adequate for the present and future needs of Yolo County; (b) educate its members, governmental authorities, and the public regarding all aspects of water use and water rights; and (c) provide a forum for the exchange of information between water purveyors.

For almost 30 years the WRA served a critical role in water resource planning in Yolo County, including serving as the lead agency in the development of the 2007 Yolo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP), and as the region’s representative in the Westside Sacramento IRWM Group.

The WRA was actively engaged in the SGMA legislation and provided informational briefings for its member agencies and the general public throughout 2014 and was a leader in partnering with the Yolo County Farm Bureau, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, and other water agencies in Yolo County to form  the Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency (YSGA) in 2017.

When the YSGA was formed, the intention was to merge the WRA's purpose into the new agency. All of the former members of the WRA are also “Members” or “Affiliated Parties” of YSGA.  At the September 2022 WRA and YSGA  Board of Directors Meetings, the WRA Board voted to dissolve the WRA and the YSGA Board voted to take on the integrated water management role of the WRA. 

The Water Resources Association of Yolo County is dissolved, and the YSGA is now coordinating County-wide water resource management.

WRA Projects and Programs

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WRA Project Fund

From 2008 to 2017, the WRA Project Fund provided funding to water resources projects throughout Yolo County. A total of 57 projects were funded over the course of the program.


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Water Education and Awareness

The WRA led an annual Water Awareness Calendar contest for all students in Yolo County. The calendar was distributed throughout Yolo County to 3,000 students, teachers, businesses, local agencies and others. Scroll down to Water Awareness Calendars to view the final winners. 


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Integrated Regional Water Management

The WRA completed the Yolo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) in April 2007 after WRA Technical Committee and public review.  The WRA then joined the larger regional IRWM effort and helped develop the Westside Sacramento IRWMP. The YSGA is participating in this regional planning effort.

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Yolo County Stormwater Resources Plan

In 2016, the WRA worked with the SWRCB, consultants, the Cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland, and Winters, the County of Yolo, Madison Community Service District, YCFC&WCD, and the University of California, Davis  to develop a Storm Water Resource Management Plan and a Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP) model through the Stockholm Environment Institute. 

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Land Subsidence

The WRA organized and funded County-wide land subsidence surveys in 2016, 2008, 2005, and 2002. With the implementation of the groundwater sustainability plan, the YSGA is now leading this monitoring effort.


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Groundwater Monitoring

The WRA served as a clearinghouse for the many groundwater monitoring networks in the County, developed the public water resources information database, and fulfilled CASGEM reporting requirements. This role is now filled by the YSGA, as required by SGMA.

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Cache Creek Catalog

The Cache Creek Catalog is an online library of important documents, maps, and photographs that describe conditions in the Cache Creek watershed.  Online access is available for some documents (in pdf format). 



WRA Records & Documents

For access to meeting minutes, financials, and other records, please contact us.