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Integrated Regional Water Management

Westside Sacramento IRWMP

Water resources management in California is complicated, especially since watersheds, floodplains, and habitat areas do not conform to city, county, or agency boundaries. Regional partnerships are needed to identify and take action on shared challenges and opportunities related to water supply reliability, water quality, flood management, and ecosystem health, among others. Working together and leveraging resources will lead to more effective, affordable, and sustainable water resources management at local and regional levels.

With this in mind, a group of public agencies spanning five counties – Yolo, Colusa, Lake, Solano, and Napa – have partnered to identify and address regional water resources opportunities and challenges for the areas within the Cache Creek and Putah Creek watersheds [Map]. Some of the key water sources within the planning area include Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, Indian Valley Reservoir, Putah Creek, and Cache Creek.

In 2013, an Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan was the outcome of an effort to identify regional water resources challenges and opportunities and prioritize actions and projects to address the challenges and opportunities. The goal has been to leverage the resources of five agencies and pursue state and federal funding to implement projects identified through the planning process. Residents from within the planning area have been strongly encouraged to participate in developing the plan, and have done so by attending community meetings, reading and commenting on documents, and bringing forward concerns and suggestions. The Plan was updated in 2019. 

The YSGA serves as the representative of the Yolo region on the Westside Sacramento IRWM Coordinating Committee

Yolo County IRWMP

The Water Resources Association of Yolo County (WRA) completed the Yolo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) in April 2007 after WRA Technical Committee and public review.  The IRWMP was one of the major undertakings by the WRA Technical Committee to identify water-related issues and potential solutions in Yolo County. The Yolo County IRWMP was incorporated into the Westside Sacramento IRWM Plan in 2013. 


In 2010-2011, the WRA Technical Committee reviewed the 200+ projects listed in the adopted 2007 Yolo County IRWMP and compiled an updated project status from the lead agencies responsible for coordinating each Integrated Action. Two lists were distilled from the review process: a list of projects completed as of June 2011 and a list of priority projects expected to be completed by 2020. The projects that are still in a conceptual phase remain on the master IRWMP list of actions. Please click the appropriate link below to access the updated 2011 IRWMP lists.