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Project Solicitation and Prioritization

Project Solicitation: August-September 2022 

Please use the forms below to submit your project for consideration. Submit the completed materials to Kristin Sicke at by  September 7, 2022 at 5 pm. 

Project Information Form

Project Budget Template

Concerned your project is not in the GSP? Contact Kristin Sicke at for more information about how to include your project.

Project Prioritization and SGMA Grant Solicitation: October - November 2022 

The submitted projects are currently being prioritized according to the prioritization criteria. The criteria were reviewed by the YSGA Working Group and approved by the YSGA Board of Directors on Sept 19, 2022.

2022.09.19 Prioritization Criteria FINAL.pdf

October 13: Ad Hoc Committee meeting to review prioritization matrix; YSGA releases SGMA application timeline for member agencies
October 21: YSGA sends completed Work Plan to each project proponent to review and add additional information
October 21-28: Project proponents reviewing Work Plans and adding information, due to YSGA on October 28th
October 31-November 4: YSGA reviews and edits Work Plans, confirms project eligibility for SGMA, scores projects according to SGMA guidelines; YSGA Board of Directors meets to consider approval of projects for including in SGMA Round 2 and approval of SGMA resolution
November 7: YSGA sends portion of application to project proponents relevant to their project for review
November 7-11: Project proponents edit applications and provide additional information
November 14-16: YSGA uploads applications and sends application proofs to member agencies for final application review
November 18: Member agencies confirm application proof is correct and/or provide edits to application proof
November 22: YSGA submits SGMA Round 2 application
November 30: SGMA Round 2 applications due


Project Prioritization Meetings