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YSGA Receives SGMA Implementation Grant Funding from DWR

In September 2023, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced the final funding recommendation for round 2 of their SGMA Implementation Grant program. The Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency (YSGA) was among the award recipients, having been awarded just over $7.9 million to complete projects that will enhance groundwater sustainability efforts in the Yolo Subbasin.

Of the eight projects included in the YSGA's grant application, five were selected to receive funding: Yolo Subbasin GSP Implementation, the Yolo-Zamora Groundwater Recharge Pilot Project, the Dunnigan Area Recharge Program, the City of Winters Feasibility Studies, and the YCFC&WCD Winter Water Recharge Program.  You can read more about each project by following the links below.

The remaining three components: the Oat Creek/Zamora Groundwater Recharge Pilot Project, the City of Woodland Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well 31, and the Woodland Recycled Water Utility Expansion (Phase III) were unfortunately not selected for funding in this solicitation. The YSGA will continue to work with its partners to match these projects to future grant funding opportunities. 

The YSGA is grateful to DWR for this funding award and is excited to pursue future grant opportunities that will continue to promote groundwater sustainability in the region.