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Spring 2024 Groundwater Levels in the Yolo Subbasin

Graph showing Yolo Subbasin average groundwater level fluctuations from 1975 to 2024, with seasonal wetness/dryness background.

The YSGA's 62 Representative Monitoring Wells throughout the Subbasin are each measured at least twice per year. The graph above shows the average water depth among all 62 wells and represents the general condition of the basin. (As of May 16, there were 59 representative wells with a static groundwater level measurement taken in Spring 2024)

Spring 2024 water levels continue to show recovery from the severe 2020-2022 drought period, thanks in part to a relatively small seasonal drawdown in Fall 2023 and a healthy amount of precipitation in early 2024. While conditions have improved significantly, it will take several years for the groundwater to fully recover from the drought. Average groundwater levels this spring are still around six feet lower than that of Spring 2019.