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Public Comment: Well Permit Verification Procedures

This public comment period will be open from March 19 to April 2, 2024. Comments will be accepted on (1) the Focus Areas Map and (2) the Tiered Permit Review Technical Memo.  


The Focus Areas map was prepared using various hydrologic data, reported citizen concerns, and professional judgement to delineate areas in the Yolo Subbasin that may be sensitive to groundwater pumping and warrant additional information and analysis. The Focus Areas are areas in the Yolo Subbasin in which well permit applicants that are not exempt from the Governor's Executive Orders may be required to submit additional information for the YSGA to review as part of the written verification process. 

Click here to view the Focus Areas map as of November 20, 2023

Appendix I of the Tiered Permit Review Technical Memo provides the details of the delineation of the Focus Areas. 


Click here to view a flowchart outlining the proposed process. This process applies to well permit applications inside the Focus Areas only

Tier 1 – YSGA completes a hydrogeologic evaluation and impact assessment of the well design and details provided by the well applicant in the Tier 1 Analysis Form.  This will include extracting aquifer properties from the YSGA’s Groundwater Model unique to the location and depth of the proposed well, and an assessment of groundwater level impacts using analytical methods.

  • If there are no sustainability concerns identified in respect to impacts on groundwater levels at nearby monitoring wells, water quality, interconnected surface waters, and land subsidence, then the YSGA will provide Yolo County Division of Environmental Health with written verification for the well permit application.
  • If there are sustainability concerns identified by any of the above indicators, then the YSGA will request that the applicant advance to Tier 2 and complete a Hydrogeology Report.

 Tier 2 – YSGA will request the applicant focus the Hydrogeology Report on the sustainability indicators of concern and relate the analysis to the Yolo Subbasin GSP sustainable management criteria and minimum thresholds.  Additionally, a Professional Geologist or Certified Hydrogeologist will certify that the proposed well complies with the Executive Order. 

  • If the prepared report provides evidence that alleviates the concerns around groundwater levels, water quality, and/or subsidence that arose in Tier 1, the YSGA will issue written verification of the well application.
  • If one or more indicators remain a concern to the YSGA, the YSGA will document these concerns and request a meeting with the well applicant to discuss options to bring the well into compliance with the EO.

The Full Technical Memo outlines the requirements and components of YSGA permit review within the Focus Areas. 

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