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YSGA Video Series

The YSGA video series provides a brief overview of the YSGA's purpose, the conditions of the Yolo Subbasin, and the Draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan. The videos are broken up into 4 parts:

  1. Intro to the YSGA
  2. Groundwater Conditions
  3. Sustainable Management Criteria
  4. Projects and Management  Actions

Watch on YouTube or scroll down to watch individual videos. 

1. Intro to the YSGA

Kristin Sicke, YSGA Executive Officer

An overview of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the YSGA and its members, and the contents of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan. 



2.  Groundwater Conditions

Max Stevenson, YSGA Technical Team

An overview of groundwater monitoring and past and current conditions within the Yolo Subbasin.. More information can be found in the Basin Setting (Chapter 2) of the Draft GSP. To explore current groundwater conditions, visit


3. Sustainable Management Criteria

Larry Rodriguex, GEI

The sustainable management criteria are designed to prevent six undesireable results in the Subbasin. Larry provides an overview of the undesireable results, minimum thresholds, and measurable objectives included in the plan. More information can be found in Chapters 3 and 4 of the Draft GSP.



4. Projects and Management Actions

Jack Cronin, YSGA Water Resources Technician

The projects and management actions are intended to manage the Subbasin according to the sustainable management criteria. The Draft GSP currently contains 12 management actions and 75 projects. The full table of projects and maagement actions is provided in Appendix F of the Draft GSP.